Why User Research is Crucial for Successful Mobile App Development


Before investing anything that is of public use, it is always suggested to conduct some detailed research and finally go about it. In the very same way, as the mobile technology business has tremendously flourished, many applications have been coming up in the past few years. App developers have been on a constant basis developing different apps and have been launching them. However, the sad truth remains that only a few hundred become successful in this. The mobile market industry has certainly grown by leaps and bounds, which means that it is not the opportunities only that have increased, but competition has also increased. There have been really hybrid monetization technologies too – in-app purchases and the advertisements, and since then there has been no turning back.

There has been a tremendous change of framework in the designing of the apps and there has also been statistics that mobile app developing industry will stand at a complete value of $188.9 within the year 2020 only. Therefore we can see that stakes are extremely high, and to take that far, one actually needs to optimize their development to the requirements of the people. How else one actually gets to survive in this highly competitive market?

Hence the complete solution lies in the truth that user research will guide you to build better applications for the people. This will assist you with some creative ideas for the application as well.

By user research, we never mean standard usability testing, but all we mean is some deeper elements. Making a trial version and then letting the rest of the people testis, is a more a secondary option. Before that comes the part of the user research – and here a person simply tries to understand the market as well as the needs of the market. Further is the explained process.

User Research and Its Importance

The complete spectrum of the user research is developed on the basis that it starts from the interviews of the users and then gets completed on the point of return of investment. The whole point of the existence of user research is simply to bring people to the leverage point when handling the development of the mobile app. The key aim of the user research is to inspire the design and finally bring forward the plausible solutions on which your app may work. It targets to impact your project on a bigger level, to such extent that there is a change in the return of investment, which may grow and expand to be worth more than it generally may.

The research that will be included will be more qualitative and quantitative which may include interviews, testing, feedbacks and a lot more. All of these may gather complete depth knowledge about the application needs of the people in general. All this information would be a great treasure trove of all the users, their preferences, digital requirements, their time spend on some particular applications and more. This will literally help you in building a more successful and versatile application.

The quantitative reports will tell a developer about the facts and figures which may aid in the design of the application. The user data may also be used in the favor of the developer in order to build such an application which will be completely useful to all the users like that everyone can actually benefit out of it.

Basic Understanding of the Importance of User Research

Anything which is not valuable is of no use to be released in the application market. It needs to be that the application that any developer is designing must be of use to the users. Therefore we see that empathy is the key base of any design in the mobile application world. It is important to design something that others may need for their advantage. The complete process of the research should logically include the work and should defend it well at the same time. There needs to be relevant research only which may take the market by storm. This usually adds a personal touch to the application while inviting more and more people to try it out. In fact, this helps any developer gain a higher return over the investment, hence making the application more successful.

Below are some of the reasons why user development is so important

  • Ease of Use

You always need to release a primary version and request for the feedback. In case your user is facing any problems, it naturally means that you need to go back and look back into the app. User tests are of higher importance and this is where you learn where you have turned wrong. It is obvious that if you neglect the users in this phase, the consumers of your app will repeatedly move down to the rest of the better options available as you chose to ignore their request. Be it some complicated competitive market, or be it a market with hardly any completion, you need to value your user and his voice – he will direct your application to more comfortable levels which may inspire more people to join the user applications.

  • Developing Relevant Designs for the Users

If you are not sure what your users need, you cannot design anything that will be useful for the people. This is a single method to understand the target audience, demands that people hold, its fluctuations and more. This is one of the best techniques to get into the people’s minds to unearth the needs of the consumers and win over the market area. Here is the key leverage to make your creation useful to them. If you do not know the lives or the daily schedule of the people that you are addressing, your app may run down to fulfill the failure. There is a huge potential wrapped if you know the art of using it.

  • Return over Investment

This is the place where you can count your chickens and eggs as you gave proper attention to the users, this is where your users return the favor. There is a huge amount of publicity platform which is basically the word of the mouth, where they may tell more people to download the application as they have had some excellent experience with your application. Therefore you get to enjoy the real benefits of the hard work that you have been doing for so long. Not just that, you also get a multiplies sales graph through the complete year, as compared to short term goals if you had not applied to user research.

Hence you see why user research is one of the fundamental processes in the mobile app development business and how much impact it has on the return over investment.

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