Changing the Way We Build the Web, Together

Every other day we have key information to deliver which is the sign of rapid advancement in the online development world. Well the updates are all about enabling the creativity like no other developer tool has ever done before.

Today anyone can build an application of their dreams. We actually wanted to recall people that the web could be a perfect place, full of fun and creativity that can be build by any of us. However, at Impinge Solutions we have the experts who build the easiest way for the coders to collaborate and create which is easy for any of us. No matter if you are an experienced professional developer or you are just starting with it, we believe in assisting to the core.

Powering the Creative Coding

Right from the beginning, Impinge has had some really exclusive features for coding as well as creating. It encourages the instant deployment so there is no need to worry about the developer’s thing.

Go for Automatic Hosting on a Secure URL

There is no mess with the tunnels and the SSL certificates.

Magical CDN

Be it any assets that you are uploading you automatically read for the quick delivery.

Safest Sharing of the Code

Projects can be either public or these can be private with support for the environmental variables so that you have a very safe place to put the credentials and the API tokens.

We have the ability to remix an already existing project or import a repo. So when you are hiring us, there is no need to start from the scratch.

And obviously there is, no lock-in! We do not make use of any proprietary libraries or the protocols. So in case you wish to move your code somewhere else, you simply can. You just need to download it as a zip and it will start working.

Build up with the Community

It is getting even better. Since we have launched, we have been really hard at work together with our community and building the things that you wished to have the most.

We’ve added some new features as the capability to help each other with the code problems in the real-time, so there is no need to feel like you are on your own.

We have actually made it easier to add the licenses and a code of conduct to your respective apps, important building blocks for a healthy ambience where people are free to express their ideas.

We have made it really possible for the creators to thank each other, have more appreciative community and encouraging more positivity around.

We also introduced a console that gives you a complete access to the container behind your project so that the experts’ users can easily tweak things as they want to.

And you have got the custom profiles as well as team pages too so that you can show off what you have been creating, be it on your own or as a part of the team.

Impinge is for Everyone

The best thing that has come up over the last year through all this is pretty clear. Over so many most creative coders, developers, designers, activists, artists, educators just like you are making use of Glitch.

Features are actually great but most of the time Tech is seen as the perfect solution. People and community are the heart of all that we create, even when we plan on making a perfect technology together. And no matter if you are an old pro or a newbie learning new tools and discovering code is something fundamental part for a coder. So we have actually created many resources like starter kits, resources for learning in order to help you get started with the React and HTML together with the fun zone that may explain some of the major concepts in creating the web apps.

It is important that you highlight the creations of the ones who are underrepresented in the tech world right from presenting the work of the community members who may be woman promoting the work of the black creators in order to feature the makers of all the ages there on the homepage of the Glitch.

However the most exciting of all are the perfect apps that our advancing community of the creators has built. While covering everything from the arts and bots, music to the apps for the activism, learning new skills and teaching many others.

There are a lot of projects made on the communities that have helped the startups raise a big amount in their funding.

Some of the projects made on Glitch have helped startups raise $1M in funding, while others have created apps that have spread across the web, even ending up being used by real-life F1 drivers. Some of the sweetest apps on Glitch show off a poem or were made by someone who wanted to make their significant-other smile. And others, well, they’ve ruined whatever plans we had for the day because we just can’t stop using them.

So if you are planning to get into the community of the apps, you have got ample of opportunities for you just get going in the direction.

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