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Top 8 Reasons to Give Importance to the Visual Content
By: Admin Posted on: June 8, 2018 Category: Content

While creating a website, we should actually prioritize the objective of fetching the attention of the visitors and make them stay for long on the website. It is actually important that we can get all their attention and hook them up in browsing and accessing our website. In our current world of digital media, netizens are actually obsessed in Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest, etc. and these are the platforms where visual content, photography and infographics play a key role and sustain the visitors to your website. This is the way marketing online is altering and how visuals and images are taking over it. So here are some reasons why there is a need to give importance to the visual content.

Reason 1:

There is no denial to the fact that 90% of information passed to the brain is visual. These visuals process 60,000 times faster in the brain as compared to the text. With this, we mean that any information that you wish to communicate is better if communicated in the form of some image. In fact, it also means that for a perfect internet user skimming the web or the website, you will be able to communicate even more value and that too more quickly.

Reason 2:

Videos on the landing pages perk up the average page conversion rates by almost 86%. So it is also worth noting that there are many A/B tests that have found similar conversion rate hike from some simple images.

Reason 3:

Then it is also true that visual content is social-media friendly as well as social-media ready. It can be easily shared and easily palatable too. The social engagement is already becoming a lot more important for the business’ SEO. In fact you can observe this clearly that images on social media get more engagement than the text or links. These images on your web portal have actually got the higher chance of being shared than anywhere else. We can say that visual content is simply the smart business.

Reason 4:

The businesses that market with the infographics grow in traffic with an average of around 12-15% more than the ones who don’t. Infographics are actually one of the appealing methods to communicate the information quickly and very easily to your respective audience. Businesses with the graphic design working the marketing department can actually create a short infographic easily and quickly. Infographics are not good only for social media sharing or brand awareness, but these are also referenced even frequently than any other piece of content – perking up their reach exclusively.

Reason 5:

Then there are posts with the visuals that receive 94% more page engagement and visits than those without it. People are naturally somewhat more attracted to the images than they get towards the links or the text. Facebook posts with an image receive more comments than a mere link. Since it is a clear perception that posts with the images fetch a lot of attention and engagement.

Reason 6:

Then there are 60% of the users who are more interested to click on a business having its images appearing in the search results. Basically this is one of the ways of showcasing your products with an image. For SaaS (Software as a Service) or B2B (Business to Business) industries, this may be a perfect icon or your logo indeed, Try out the alt tagging these images with the product name, so it will be really easy for the search engines to rank your image above the competitors.

Reason 7:

The visuals show the products without telling people exactly about them. This offers the viewers an opportunity to make their own decisions without feeling any pressure from your business. One of the key complaints by the online users is the regular badgering that they receive from the brands. The advertisements dog their social networks, mobile apps, scratches, etc. However you can advertise your business without spamming your audience.

Reason 8:

67% of the consumers consider the detailed images in order to carry more weight than the product information or the customer ratings. You must be surprised at this statistic. Well everybody will be!

There is a lot of rise that has been experienced in the visual content and a fall in the reign of the information loaded blog articles. The photo editing tools are actually easy to use and people are gradually but certainly noticing how much brand engagement they stand to receive if they can interact with the images rather than the words.


Hence it is suggested to use more of the images and the infographics in order to help make it easy for your market and understand the required message.