The UI Design Trends for 2018

Walking hand in hand with the user experience, one of the important aspects to take in consideration is the interface of a product. This is important when you are walking through the customer journey. In order to perk up the conversion on your business website, you need to have a website or some application which is user-friendly and provides proper information for the user to complete the transaction.

In case you are looking for a way out to get on with the your competition, or perk up the credibility as well as trust, we are here with some exclusive interface design trends that are latest and need to be kept in mind when you will perform the next upgrades.

  • Landing Pages with More Consistency and Structure

Trends that appear to be becoming even more popular over the time need to have a website where there is a lot of information loaded on a single page and fulfils the visitor’s requirements. Fundamentally visitors will no longer be in need to navigate in between the multiple pages, but rather it can simply scroll right from top to the bottom.

  • Include some New and Exclusive Images on Your Website

With any type of search engine in order to minimize the opportunity of penalizing the same images and copying it as others, 2018 is the year to look for the abstract to consider onto the website.

The images that you choose for your overhaul need to possess a high quality to make sure that you are able to display the product of a very elevated value.

  • Integrate 3D Graphics onto your Website

Because of the host of technological developments over the current years, including the 3D graphics into your applications or the websites has moved from being a dream to the reality.

And the biggest part of doing this is to make sure whatever graphics you are choosing, integrate the loading time of the website or an application is not very much affected by it.

  • Improve your Typography

There is no comparison to the exclusive lettering. When you are planning your upgrades, be certain to include a few bigger headings onto your website. And if you are going to make use of the variety of fonts, the legibility of these requirements also needs to be taken into consideration.

As you do not wish to have a lot of white space in your website design, the method according to which you position your text and other important elements will have a need to be planned very carefully.

  • Use the Gradient Colors

Its no longer the time for having a plain website without much colors in it. Rather it is the time to consider things and bring in a smooth colour transition into your application or your website. This is really useful for you as you have the ability to enhance the particular areas and the elements of your website.

When you have to put together the framework for your application or the website, you will have the opportunity to play around with different colours while ensuring that you are using it to the best of your ability.

  • Your website is Mobile Responsive

Making sure that your website is mobile responsive is something that is not going to get old anyhow. As most of the people are continuously on the go, to make sure that you are able to reach the larger group of the targeted audience, possessing a website that is not mobile responsive will hold you at disadvantage and will potentially increase the bounce rate.

Businesses should be regularly working on their ability to have have a website which is mobile responsive. While introducing the higher quality graphics and the images to your website, tests should be conducted in order to check that the load time of the business website is not very much long and thus the website become responsive.

  • Clean your Website and Increase your User Experience

When you wish to have a very successful interface, you may need to spend some time on analyzing and upgrading the user experience that your visitors are actually experiencing. So make sure you keep your website de-cluttered and remove any elements that need not be there.

This is what cut down the total time that it takes to start the conversions as you are also reducing the amount of the steps. A visitor needs to take complete action that they intend to when visiting your site. This is also beneficial for the businesses going in the long run.

  • Go for the Video Content

Today 80% of the users mobile data is attributed to the video. This is one of the perfect opportunities to get ahead with the competition while finding the method to include the video into your business website. In fact this is something that proves to be the space you require to summarize a large portion of the information into a video.

There may be some time needed for brainstorming with your content team and the brand in order to make sure that the videos that you upload to the website are exclusive and relate back to your business opportunities. You need to really work hard in fetching the attention of the viewers within the very first few seconds of the video.

  • Voice Interfaces

Google was the first to bring in the activated voice interfaces. With the business following suite, this feature permits the people to conduct searches without feeling any need to type.

With these voice recognition services, such interfaces have become accurate especially when conducting your search.

There is a need to be concentrated about the operating hours and have proper communication set up that works well in informing the visitors about this. There are some issues that can be resolved without any need of speaking to someone, so it is important to be sure and offer any kind of scenario.


So these are some of the most important trends that you need look out for in this year. With the speed at which we experience the technological developments, undoubtedly there will be a lot more than this in the year. So if you are seeking for some way according to which you can maintain distance from your competition, then there is a need to look at the possibility of putting into practice one or even two of these trends on your application or the website.

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