Check if you have Mobile Friendly Website

How many hours of the day did you spend online today? Out of that time, how much of it was through a mobile device like some smartphone or tablet? And if you are just like many of us, we together make a lot. Since mobile usage has hyped to a great extent, there are a lot of small businesses that have been really slow in building a mobile-friendly website. I think that is about to change anyhow.

Why Are Mobile phones so dear to us?

With advancement in technology, mobile phones have actually become smart. And since these are smart, their usage has increased to a great degree. I personally use mobile phone to respond to emails, invoice clients, check on projects, check social media websites, and even play some silly games.

As I spend most of my day on my desktop, at night or during weekends I spend my time on mobile devices. It is something that keeps me connected to my commitments, digital world, my customers and even my staff.

Today everyone is using mobile phones and he or she are using them a lot. In fact, it is not the young generation only making use of it, every age group takes interest in mobile phones and spend most of their time with it.

Since mobile phones have taken away most of your time and attention, it is important for businesses to not skip being on this wonderful platform.

Are you planning to create a Mobile Friendly Website?

Mobile friendly websites have been a luxury of large companies or brands with big IT budgets. Then, came the responsive designs that changed the mobile landscape for the average business.

Responsive web design permits web developers to use the available screen on the desktop and mobile devices. The websites settle in the layout without taking out huge amounts of web content.

Something that was taken as costly expenditure is now a part of the standard website design project. Businesses now do not have to create two independent websites or pay to support two different websites. They can simply develop a single platform which adapts well to accompany smaller footprint of mobile devices.

Advantages of Using Responsive Design

  • Perk up the overall bounce rates as it cuts down on mobile user frustration
  • Capture even more mobile traffic
  • Elude duplicate content which may happen because of managing two websites
  • Confine higher ranking and more search traffic for local phrases and terms
  • Double the online sales
  • Save a lot of development time as you have to create only one website

Design should be Responsive according to Google

  • Responsive web designs keep your mobile and desktop content on one URL, which makes it easier for your users to interact with, link to, share and to assign the indexing of properties to your content.
  • Google may discover your content more effectively as there would be no need to crawthe l page with different Googlebot user agents so as to retrieve and index the entire content.

Are you ready to go Mobile?

If you think you are ready to give your business a mobile-friendly website, you have got a few options for that. You can simply hire a website developer to create a custom mobile responsive website which is designed around your business and relevant needs. Or if you think budget is a major concern, you could simply purchase a stock WordPress theme which is already mobile responsive.


Whatever is your concern, we are here to help you with taking the route that you like.

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