Data Driven Method to Check Whether Your Content Is Dreadful or Effective

There are many who are emotionally attached with their write ups and don’t accept the fact that their content is terrible. Yes, it is a bitter truth that you should accept so that you can succeed. It’s better to bear brutal truth than sugarcoated lie that will never let you improve. It is not at all harsh and grave to know that your writing needs improvement. Even experienced and legendary writers had to go through the similar situation where they have to face critics. It takes a seriously long time to get really good at writing and blogging.


It is definitely hard to come up with some unique and awesome ideas everyday for a blog. Sometimes you need to think out of the box to entertain your readers and keep their interest. Sometimes you know yourself that your content is not as good as it should be, but you probably don’t know where you are going wrong. It is important to know where you are going wrong as it will help you improve.


Here are some data-driven methods to find out whether your content matches the expectations of your readers or not.


What Makes You Right?


When you start writing, it is difficult to know whether your content is good or not. If you think you are not a good writer and your content is awful, first stop thinking negative. Anyone can develop writing skill. Everyone is not born with the ability to write. You have to hone your writing skills. You have to be your own critic. Don’t get attached too much to your writing and be honest during the editing process.


Secondly, always ask for help confidently. Don’t feel low in taking help of some other and a better writer. An experienced editor can also help you out.


How To Diagnose Bad Content?


There are some flaws in your content that makes it bad. Let’s understand these flaws.


  1. Keyword Stuffing:

Keyword Stuffing is the most common problem seen in the bad content. When you can’t count the number of times a particular keyword has been stuffed in the content, then it is known as keyword stuffing. It makes your content look bad and doesn’t make any sense. For example:

XYZ Company is the best marketing company in the area with the best marketing company services. This best marketing company has the prices offer by the best marketing company. Contact this best marketing company today!


People think that keyword stuffing will give a boost to their SEO practices. But the fact is that it annoys readers too much. Using keywords in the content is the finest way to give a push, but keyword stuffing can simply spoil your game. You need to fix it pronto.


Fix this issue. Always keep in mind while writing that you are writing for human beings not search engines. Write your blog or article without stuffing any keyword. This will help you get out of your habit of stuffing keywords forcefully. You should find out long tail keywords related to your niche.


  1. Know Your Readers


As already mentioned, when you write something, keep in mind that you are writing for your readers. This means you must know who your readers are and what they like the most. There are many products that failed to cope up in the market as they failed to understand what their audiences want. The case is the same for Blogs. If you don’t understand what your readers want, your blog will not be considered and easily forgotten.


To solve this issue, first, understand who exactly your audience is and why they read your content. You can find out the answers to both the questions by looking into demographics and psychographics of your readership. You can perform survey through several online tools to obtain demographics and psychographics.


  1. Bad Writing


It’s true that excellent writing can set you up as an authority as you can clearly communicate your ideas while bad writing can harm you and you might not gain credibility. No matter how best your content is, but if it is not well-written, it will be a big flop.


Read some popular blogs related to your niche regularly and put the thing into practice that you have learned through blogs. Compare your content to these blogs and find out the problems you see in your blog. This will help you become a better writer, but you need to be dedicated and keep it up every single day.


  1. Write Informative Content


People read content online in order to gain some knowledge or information related to the topic. Just think of a scenario where a reader spends his time and energy reading your content with an expectation to find something informative or useful, but he doesn’t get anything out of it. He will never come back to read your content. And think of another situation where the reader gets knowledge he was looking for in return of this energy and time spend, he will keep visiting your content and even share it or recommend it to others. It will definitely increase your blog credibility. This will make him devoted to your brand.


Writing long information content packed with lots of tips and tricks will definitely make readers happy. It’s a tried-and-true method that will never let you down. Focus on including maximum information in your article or blog and forget about SEO, keywords or writing clickbait headlines. Just make sure your write up has at least one helpful takeaway. This takeaway should be an actionable advice that readers would like and apply in their lives.



Writing an awesome content is an undoubtedly hard thing to do, but it’s not impossible. You need to recognize when your content is terrible and what you need to do to make it impressive.



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