Top 3 Commonly Faced Issues in iOS App Development

There is an undeniable fact that both iPhone and iPad are the two most important gadgets of the technological world, which rely on iOS operating system for their functionality. There is a great demand of iOS developers as most of the businesses have understood the importance of having business apps.


Hundreds of iOS apps are designed, developed and released. Thousands of apps are updated on a regular basis. Apple play store is overflowing with all kinds of apps from medical to shopping and safety to payments. The development process of these apps is very tricky. Developers have to face a number of challenges in the form of bugs and issues. Sometimes they have to use all of their knowledge and experience to solve some issues. Here, we have discussed some such issues related to Layout, Storyboard and Invalid Bundle.





Layout issues faced when developer migrates code from Xcode 7 to Xcode 8. Layout gets distorted when we open storyboard in Xcode 8.




  • Open your storyboard in Xcode 8.
  • Choose initial device view.
  • Make changes as you would perform normally.
  • Once you have completed your changes, select the storyboard -> File Inspector -> Opens in -> Select ‘Xcode 7.x’.

  • Select ‘Save and Close’ when prompted.

  • Your storyboard changes will be saved, and your storyboard will function as it did pre-Xcode8.





When SpringBoard Fails To Launch Application With Error: 0


  • Make sure your Simulator is the active.
  • Open menu (give in the below image).
  • Click “Reset Content and Settings”.

(Note: It will delete all the installed apps and settings on your iPhone simulator and reset it back to the original state.)

  • It will ask – if you really want to reset your setting, Select Yes.

  • Run your app from Xcode, it will not show this error again.




Xcode ERROR ITMS-90474: “Invalid Bundle”, can’t submit App file (IPA file) to Apple


 “Bundle Invalid. iPad Multitasking support requires there orientations: ‘UIInterfaceOrientationPortrait,UIIinterfaceOrientationPortraitUpsideDown,UIInterfaceOrientationLandscapeLeft,UIInterfaceOrientationLandscapeRight’. Found ‘UIInterfaceOrientationPortrait’ in bundle.



  • To resolve this issue, you need to click on “Requires Full Screen” checkbox under Deployment Info in Project’s General tab.

  • Or You can also add Key value pair – UIRequiresFullScreen : YES in Info.plist file of the Xcode Project.



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