Explore the All New Gmail – 10 New Features

No doubt Gmail is one of the most popular email services used by people across the globe. After a very long duration Google’s mail service is going under some major refurbishment which is being rolled out now to the users. The search giant has ensured that the update is getting released and this will bring a host of some very new features to the service. The latest features get in connection with the confidentiality, security and the better usability among many other things.

The rollout has actually started now and this will be phased for next few months. The continuous Gmail users can try their hand at some of the exclusive and new features under the similar settings menu where you can see an option “try new Gmail”. However you need to keep this in mind that this too will be phased so there is no need to panic in case you do not find it there. So here I go with the latest 10 features that Gmail may get for a better and improved user experience.

  • Integrated Rights Management – Block recipients from downloading, forwarding and printing your email.

This is more meaningful for the business users because it gives its users a perfect opportunity to block the copying, forwarding, downloading and even the printing of some specific messages.

  • Two-Factor Authentication is mailed

When it comes to the confidential mode, Gmail is also providing the two factor authentication protection. The recipient of the mail in confidential mode will need to enter the SMS pass code in order to read the messages efficiently.

  • Confidential Mode –Set the Expiry Dates for your mails

With this feature, the users get a perfect chance to set expiration to the specific mail or they can also revoke it. According to this confidential mode feature the content of the mail cannot be sent instead a link to the content is sent which is displayed as a regular email in a Gmail client.

  • Snooze Option – Schedule the Most important Mails

This is something really handy for the ones who forget to reply to important mails often. This new snooze feature will offer its users a perfect opportunity to schedule the important mails to pin at the top most part at later stage.

  • Offline Assistance: Have an access to your mails without internet connection too

According to new features of the Gmail you will now have the facility to access your mails even when you are offline. The messages will be synced and downloaded the moment one connects to the internet.

  • Nudging Feature – Get Reminders for the mails you have missed

The nudges will bring up the emails that are older than two days to the top of the inbox. It won’t be the random log of the old mails because Google is making use of the machine learning in order to recognize which mails are elementary. In case an email has the direct question and has not been replied to, that email will also be flagged up as a boon of this feature.

  • Have an Access to the Attachment Option without even opening the mail

Attachments with the emails will now be visible in the inbox only. You will be able to see an icon below the message that people can access to without even opening the mail.

  • Get the Smart reply Feature

The smart reply feature will be available now on the web client of the Gmail. Since it is already there on the mobile version and give three basic short replies to the email. These replies can be edited and can be sent immediately depending on the choice of the user.

  • High-priority to Push Notifications

Another new feature called high priority notifications is now introduced which will filter the numbers of the notifications. Notifications will chiefly be sent for the mails that are considered urgent or important. According to updates from Google around 97% of the push notifications will be lessened.

  • New Side Panel

The new side panel will now be available on the right side of the screen and this will list the most-used Google apps. This may include the Calendar and tasks among others. The key idea behind this is as per Google, user do not have to leave Gmail to have access other various apps.

So, have fun with all the new features of Gmail and make it a friendly affair ever.

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