Keyword Research Explained for e-Commerce SEO

The information discovered through the keyword research has got a lot of importance which cannot be stressed at all. Now the question is why is it so? It is actually one of the tried and the true way to properly understand what your customers are already searching for and to check out the potential market segments that your company can actually check into. But it is just not about spotting the right keywords to target that will eventually result in the higher conversion rates and a hike in the sales. In the e-Commerce SEO world, your customers may be looking for sales. In the SEO world, your consumers may be on the look for brand numbers, model numbers, product names and also some key phrases. So the point is how you would know where to start.

Here are the Steps for e-Commerce Keyword Research Involve

  • First of all, understand who your customers are, when and why are they performing the searches.
  • Make use of Google keyword planner that helps to convert product numbers and long tail keywords, etc.
  • Make out which products are popular during that period or soon will be
  • Select 3-5 main keywords for each category
  • Look for the keywords having low or medium competition

Decide on the Niche Keywords and Build Your Authority around these Keywords

First of all, it is important that you understand the company as well as your customers. Simply ask yourself these questions:

Who are your customers and how they will shop for their product? It will be alright if you know what your company sells off, you actually need to understand how a potential consumer will search for the things that you sell. For instance: You are an appliance manufacturer and the targeted customer is someone among the maintenance field, the question is if that customer is looking for the repair parts or if they are looking at some broken refrigerator which may be the part they need to fix.

Now that you have got the list of 100+ words that may be relevant to your company as well as consumers, how would you pick the words that are most important to pay attention on? The key things to know that is not about getting the higher number of visitors to your site, it is actually about getting the potential visitors to the platform. For example- A person looking for shoes may be browsing or just looking forward to passing the time, but another person looking for women’s brown boots actually know what they want and they would be having their wallets out. The long tail keywords may come up with the lower search volume as compared to the broader word “shoes” but the point is if you would get 100 searches a day from the people who actually wish to invest or around 500 searches in a day from the people with the intention of browsing only.


Another important factor that needs to be considered in this is the competition level. There are some keywords that can be completely concentrated within the marker while making it difficult for your website to rank for those specific words. If you wish to rank for the word “Glass utensils” but the first page is completely saturated with the brands or the big companies having a strong hold on the market, your small company obviously does not hold a chance to it. Rather try to find a bit less popular or even detailed set of the keywords that your company gets the real liking for as Venerable glass utensils”. Also, make sure that you lay stress on the importance of search engine friendly website development to the commerce web design company.

Without actual website base, optimizing for an endless number of keywords and particular phrases may be really difficult.

Filter and Repeat

Sadly after all the hard work, sweat, blood and the tears that you put in creating the most perfect keyword list for your website, you should do it over and over again. Cleaning and repeating your keyword list is actually important in order to keep up with the ever-changing trends in the market and you’re regularly evolving consumers.

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