How does Social Media affect SEO?

Since social media usage has bagged the market exponentially there may be a lot of questions about the advantages of social media. Social media is something that leaves a great impact on your business, however I wish to zoom in one of those advantages that can actually increase your sales and leads: SEO.

In a very simple term, relationship between SEO and social media is just like an alley-oop, where it gives a push to SEO.

Although social media signals do not have a very direct impact on search rankings, they affect search engine optimization efforts in four key ways:

  • Wider and longer content distribution and lifespan
  • Enhanced brand and authority recognition
  • Enhanced traffic and online visibility to your website
  • Perked up local SEO

The main question is: if social signals leave any effect on website ranking? Well, the question must be changed to: how much effect are they leaving? We know they certainly make a difference and we also know that these signals matter. However keep reading to see how social media actually relate to SEO.

Social Signal

Social signals are likes, shares, reviews, pins, votes or links on Faceook, Linkedin, twitter or any other social media sites. They refer to a brand which is being talked about and is similar to mini-reviews.

Social Media enhance online visibility

With social media activities, online visibility and support increases. There are a lot of SEO efforts taken in to drive traffic to your website. Advertising is a key to any business today. It may appear complicated but its way too simple. You just need to invest in the right direction and have a huge network. The entire goal of marketing your business is to increase sales and leads. The more will be the number of people seeing your stuff, more will be the opportunities that you need to convert.

Since you are reading about social media and SEO you would definitely be aware of Facebook accounts, Twitter accounts and Linkedin pages for every individual.

Social Media add to SEO authority and Brand Recognition

Oh yes, lets talk about brand recognition.

Brand recognition is not identical to Facebook likes or Twitter followers. Those prominent figures hardly matter for SEO.

What is Brand Recognition?

Brand recognition is the ability for your general public and target audience to identify your company based on signifiers like slogans, colors and logos. Your social media profiles on Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Pinterest, Glassdoor and instagram are the best platforms to build it up.

Another major benefit of social SEO is, it increases authority mainly through reviews and links.


When it comes to local SEO marketing, reviews play a great role. Reviews hold around 13 percent if ranking factors for local searches and half of its percentage for general searches.


When someone discovers something on social media, there are chances they will share the link if they like it to the most. This can not only increase the number of inbound links to your business website, but also improve credibility. However it may also show how popular your content is. This may improve your rankings and you may also see different social media profiles displaying near the top of branded searches too.

Perfect Social Media Strategy Boost up Local SEO

Social media support SEO strategy which may be through local SEO. For local service companies it may be a biggest concern with local SEO.

Strategizing Social Media Technique for SEO

Building out social media strategy can definitely affect SEO and perk up your search engine rankings. This can help you fetch authority as a company, however it should be executed in a proper manner to be successful.

Ensure that you have proper consistent and accurate contact information on all social media platforms. Respond to any negative complaints or reviews your clients make on these websites.

This way social media accompany a great deal in letting SEO work efficiently.

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