Make your Data Appealing with Latest Infographic Design Trends

Presenting visually appealing material on internet has always been the most fascinating thing. And when it comes to experiments, infographic trends and creativity, visual information always win over. Both textual and visual elements need to be focused on communicating the information on which the infographic is based. Now let us see which trend is making and will make a perfect impact on infographic design in 2018. So let us start!

Since we are professionals and have experts dealing in infographic templates, we ensure to stay updated with the latest trends. The newest and most efficient infographic makers assist us in achieving the desired results and offer satisfactory results to our clients.

  • Communicative Infographics

Movement in all the shapes: GIFs, videos are proven to generate the highest engagement rates ever. It holds the attention for a longer time than any other visual tool.

Infographics are a natural marketing medium catching the attention but when there’s a movement involved in it, the power multiplies. Be it in the form of interactive infogifs, infographics or anything, it should be moving and highly attractive. So here are some examples of infographics that interact when you scroll. If compared to an image infographic, all these high class designs obviously convey messages in a more clear way.

  • 3D Illustrations

3D is one of the designs that has been astray for past few years but it appears that it has made its way now. In 2018 many infographics have gone 3D. These actually follow the instance of modern graphic designs. The best thing about adding the third dimension is, it gives a completely new feeling of depth. With this, the design looks almost real. For infographics, this means just one thing: a design for communicating the concept in a better way.

  • InfoGifs

The best and most sorted alternative to infographics is infogifs. The dynamics that come up with this are really attractive. In fact, these do no less than hypnotizing the user to keep them scrolling. Different from communicating infographics, these do not act like different websites but they still make the content more noticeable. These are extremely shareable!

  • Typography

Creative typography has also been a trend for last few years. And this year it has been a hit. This is basically the art of displaying text like any other form of art. It may have many forms and shapes. Though it is effective but has got some rules too. The most important rule is going creative but as long as you can keep the content readable.

It should be a perfect combination of gradients, flats, creative typography, and textures. Numbering is an important element of the infographic flow. It is presented in a way that interacts with other graphic elements. The numbers hidden behind such composition offers a feeling of depth.

Till the time readability does not get affected, you can actually experiment with the method you present your text information.

  • Bright Colors

The leading trends for past few years will continue to rule the web this year. Bright colors are engaging and really fun. These catch the attention of user in a very easy way. And in fact, this is something every infographic design strives for. These can be combined with flat gradients, illustrations, 3D graphics and even photography. You just need to be careful to make the design which is easy on eyes. Just avoid making use of bright text mainly on nuances. The bright text on a bright background is actually very much risky. It is better if you bet on black and white typography and ensure it is easily readable.

  • Negative Space

Negative space is also the topmost trends for 2018. Be it in the form of negative graphic elements or negative space typography, this is a technique that makes every design an attractive art piece.

When this is combined with other specific looks, such an infographic design is simply taken as a success.

  • Flat Design

Flat is the key to infographic style and this is for a reason. Its simplicity makes it completely perfect for visualizing multifacet statistics and data. You could actually not go wrong with going flat. We can tell you that this is the safest choice for infographic design.

  • Gradients

Brightly colored gradients are a big hit in 2018. As gradients have the ability to catch the spotlight, they need to be used scarcely. And it is important that you combine it well with other elements.

Though it has already expanded in the year 2018, it is still expanding. There will be even more imagination, creativity, and definitely more innovation in the field of infographic design.

So, let us know if these infographic design trends in 2018 are to your taste or not. And if you seek to get the best infographic templates designed we are here to help you hav it. So, Let your thoughts hit the comment section below.

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