How IoT Impact on Mobile App Development & Developers

“Internet of Things” refers to the network of devices or the objects that include the embedded technology, enabling them to interact and communicate with each other. Such connectivity between physical devices can actually happen anywhere – at your home, office or anywhere. And this may also include smoke alarms, appliances, light fixtures and simply any device that you have, connected to any device or web in some way. These devices may also include some smart gadgets that can be accessed from some remote location. This is something that benefits the use of a broad range of industries. “

IoT is actually becoming popular as it is easy to use and also because of the convenience that it offers. With this, it means that there is consequent demand for the apps for such type of devices. In fact, this also includes the monitoring of the systems for enterprises, navigation, computing and a lot more.

IoT is now developing a new scale of an idea with the ability to take ay gadget, contraption or the device that you have at the office or home running on electricity, which needs to be controlled by an already existing technology. IoT is rising up at a fast speed and has already begun to leave an impact on different areas of the lives and the way we work. There are a lot of practical applications of IoT across different industries. Since internet of things has occupied such special space, it is important to make out how it can assist in your business.

Skills my business needs to reap the rewards of the IoT?

If you wish to adopt the development process allowing for low-cost and rapid experimentation, companies obviously need to access IoT projects with a willingness to fail so as to succeed as soon as possible.

Thomas Edison failed 10,000 times when his ideas didn’t work, but he didn’t take it as a failure. Rather he said that he has found 10,000 methods that won’t work. So he obviously did not develop the bulb with some brilliant eureka moment, he was an experimenter instead.

And if we talk about another example Google, one of the most successful companies in the digital innovative world, has a failure rate of 95 percent. Google actually identified that you need to succeed just once to experience the big win.

So, your company definitely needs to have ideas in mind and the right set of tools or the processes fostering the high-value experimentation and low-costs. Apart from this, below are the five important things you need to learn when moving forward to fetch profits of the IoT.


  • Proper allocation of resources

Allocate time and resources for such type of experimentation in order to prove your organization that this new type of approach can work, and later on scale it broadly as a new mindset. For instance, take additional help from services that provide it solutions las vegas to meet the needs.


  • Make use of model-driven Development

When you wish to create a common language in IT and business, allowing the greater collaboration and faster experimentation it is suggested to bring model-driven development in use.


  • Make Cross-Functional Teams

Such teams involve business as well as IT. Just bring together a person with someone and an idea with the technical aptitude to bring it to the life.


  • Make a Facebook Loop

It is really important to have a mechanism that constantly captures the feedback from the user. Those feedbacks can be taken back to the procedure for constant digital innovation.


  • Conduct the test of the minimum viable product

This makes you sure about the ability to alter the direction with lesser risk which may be based on what you learn.


How is IoT Future Need of the Businesses?

  • IoT makes the work operations simple, smarter and more efficient while reducing the manpower cost.
  • Since it helps in increasing the proficiency of the business while streamlining the processes, it is actually capable of gaining technology advantages.
  • It is also really useful to stay in touch with the existing customers and explore the potential market for the business expansion.
  • IoT makes it possible to offer the precise, prompt and better services to your consumers.
  • IoT nowadays is taken as a major future trend for businesses extending the bunch of benefits to the users like it offer several new openings and opportunities to your businesses.


IoT impact on app developers & Mobile app development

If we talk about IoT and mobile apps these both work extremely well together. As a consequence, you need to start thinking about how it may impact your app development.

IoT has been adopted widely at a rapid pace and this technology is actually starting to alter every aspect of our lives. As a result, it also showcases a huge business opportunity as it begins to leave an impact on every industry across the board.


So, with this it is important to understand what does it means for the mobile app developers:

In the IoT phase of digitalization, mobile apps need to move away from just connecting and communicating with one mobile operating system to connect to the endless number of devices. As a result, this may need some seriously specialized skills when it is about the app development.


  • Accept the Flexible and Diverse Skill Set

In the era of smart objects, apps need to be designed in order to remain relevant and be highly adaptable. This is mainly because apps can rapidly become outdated with the advent of new technology.

To make this happen, developers also need to be committed and highly adaptable to invest in their own development. So, if you make out any skill gaps, it is certainly the time for an update!


  • Focus on the Thing’s Function

So far developers have been asking what actually the app function was, but now the question has totally changed. Now you have to ask questions like: “what is the specific device it is trying to integrate with and what is the thing’s function”

In simple words, software engineers actually should have an understanding of the thing’s underlying technology before actually starting to build an app controlling it. Additionally, they may also need to address how the app is going to connect to it because it may not be the traditional Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or the cellular approach.


  • Niche Development

For now most of the developers’ code for two main platforms: iOS and Android, but when you will approach the unified IoT platform, we may feel a need for more niche developers. With that said, the latest trend of businesses hiring a single mobile app developer for everything is not going to work anymore in any case.

With this, enterprises may have to find at least one IoT developer when such type of technologies become ubiquitous.


  • Security is Must

With unrivaled connectivity, cyber-criminals will definitely have more options to target than ever before. Consequently, programmers may need to focus on building the security at the core of every single application.

It may be a good idea to update the cybersecurity skills while signing up for some added training. This will perhaps be the best access to keep up with the quickly evolving cybersecurity landscape.

IoT application will keep growing and may come in the form of progressive web apps, mobile apps, and enterprise applications. But in particular, mobile is highly suitable for smartphones, IoT and this actually play the role of communication hubs.

Industry Focused Internet of Things Development Services

Internet of Things development is actually becoming highly beneficial for the businesses in terms of perking up the productivity and reducing the operational costs. With this, a business can explore or expand the potential market while increasing the growth. At Impinge Solutions we offer “IoT app development services” by focusing on the needs of every industry. We have a complete range of Internet of Things development services using the proficiency of our team and the advanced technology to alter the devices into smart devices. So, the range of our services includes:


  • IoT consultancy
  • IoT app development
  • IoT implementation and support
  • IoT gateway development
  • Application development for IoT devices
  • Connectivity with the wearable devices
  • Hi-end IoT Solution with rich architecture
  • App security consulting
  • Voice-enabled technology solutions
  • IoT cloud platform
  • Data analytics
  • Backend and API Development


Over the period, there are a lot more companies that are collaborating to arrest the market of IoT application, newer technologies are coming up. The process of deployment, implementation, and usage is getting simpler; the devices are becoming cost-effective and user-friendly.

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