Web Development Trends to Follow in 2018

Change in the technological world is really very rapid. So, to remain at the top of your game as a developer, it is important to know that you are keeping up with the latest trends.

It may be confusing to see so many developments and updates released every few weeks. In 2018, we’ve put together some exclusive information about the predictable trends for the upcoming year and some major advice about which areas of development you should be focusing on.

Be it new frameworks, tools, and techniques that are working to enhance the UX, you can take this blog as a one-shop for all the things in 2018.

  • Make use of Intelligence to Create Apps and Websites

Artificial intelligence programs are already in use by Google and Wikipedia as the technology is more than within one’s grasp to offer us the software development that can think and act like a human without any need of the manpower.

There is no doubt that there will be a lot of web developers who will develop these types of programs, while every program broadening the scope of the technology’s power and ability.

One of the most particular uses already is for the web design programs, like the Grid which asks the amateurs to produce some pretty websites while using an artificial intelligence program named as Molly.

In fact, if you have AI designer in your computer 24 hours in a day is the more economical method to have different layout designs.


  • TypeScript

Over the last year, we have really seen the rise of the TypeScript. It is a statically typed language compiling the javascript. So you can actually make use of the existing javascript code, include your JS libraries and call the TypeScript code from the javascript. Seems to be pretty neat right? Well, it is!


  • Internet of Things (IoT)

The internet of things is actually moving from your computers and mobile phones and into the household appliances but definitely not in a scary method. As the technology is advancing, there is an increasing dem for the internet to offer us the chance to control every facet of our lives, mainly from the apps on our smartphones.


  • The Evolution of JavaScript in 2018

A lot of discussion has taken place in the web development space on the programming language that you should learn. According to me there’s nothing right or wrong and it totally depend on your aim or the focus. However, there is definitely a need to give you some insights on what we believe you should know in 2018.

So, let’s start the list with the Javascript altogether. No doubt there’s even more buzz around the Javascript and its relevancy. However, it’s the most popular technology used by the full stack developers.

Obviously learning Javascript in 2018, won’t be an easy thing. And if you literally want to know how it feels to learn the JavaScript this article is highly recommended.


  • The role of Conversational UI and Bots

Bots are here to make our life easier and our experiences even more personable. Bots are interesting from different standpoints and use cases. With messaging platforms becoming more and more popular, its influence and role in the web development and web design can never be neglected.

Therefore the development and design of the conversational UI will become an important topic for the developers in 2018.


  • Static site generators

If you are someone who is really an active reader of our blog, you would definitely know that there is a good number of the fans of static site generators.

Static site generators are actually a great way to create the websites. There is no database required rather your web pages are simple files that run on your servers. With that obviously come the benefits in website loading times, ease of deployment and better security handling.


  • Conversational UI on Websites

Websites are starting to jump on the UI trend of the conversational interfaces. First of all, websites designed with a conversation having the first approach already seem to pop up and become seemingly popular.


  • Chatbots for the Customer Support

Today more and more businesses think about the ways on how to make the use of chatbots for their consumer support. The days are gone when e-mailing were on trend.

As a substitute, chatbots take over right at the place where they are very useful. Inside your product and perfectly on your website!

Bots actually boost the online sales, solve the consumer issues and offer the required help when it is required. Sounds great!


  • Ruby on Rails

Ruby on rails released in June 2016, rails is actually set to become more popular throughout 2018.

By 2015 rails seem to be unable to make a perfect impact on the web development but the variety of features and ease within rails 5 including actionable and Turbolinks 5 is rapidly making it the favorite of the web developers.

Turbo links 5 offer you to create single page applications straight away from the rails stack. There is actually no need for the client-side javascript frameworks.

With performance improved aesthetic flexibilities and enhancements ruby on rails 5 offer, the web developers pay more attention to the overall appearance of the website whereas the framework itself fiddle around with all the messiness.


  • Motion UI

The latest version of Motion UI works through the flexible CSS patterns with all types of JavaScript libraries. It enables the seamless integration of animations into the websites. So the webpage and two dimensional are no longer the boring experiences.

Developers obviously need to increase the movement and bring them to the life and in short create the loving site that changes and reacts as per the individual user.


  • The Next Generation of Angular JS

The angular update introduces the newly redesigned JavaScript framework. It is in fact expected to be regularly tweaked and updated with one specific update which is promised every six months. Therefore, offering the developers who use the never-ending abilities at the cutting edge of the website building technology.


There’s a lot more to Experience in 2018

It is simply all about improving the UI and UX when it comes to the development in 2018. Every new feature that graces the web, the smartphones and even the household electrics is there to make the lives easier and eventually better.

As a web developer, it is definitely your job to make seamless changes, practical as possible and user-friendly also.

So, if you want to make out the promising web development trend in 2018, leave your choice below in the comment box.

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