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How to Update your Website for Success
By: Admin Posted on: August 30, 2018 Category: Business

Your website is one of your digital storefronts, and it is often responsible for driving the most of your sales or also has the potential to bring your business on top.

With the buyer behavior becoming more attentive on performing the most diligent research before making the buying decisions, having a website which presents your brand, services, and product is really important to achieve your growth goals.

So, here are the top six methods that digital marketing agencies are updating their client’s sites in order to dominate their industries.

  • Presentation work better than your Brand

Do you remember the last time when you underwent rebranding? No matter it was the last month or a few years ago, your website should represent the changes made to your branded presentation.

Your verbal tone, photography, and aesthetic style should match well to your rebranding. Else you may be attracting the wrong clients looking for the old you.

  • You may be attracting the Wrong Audience

Continuing from the initial point, updating your website in order to attract the right you wish to work with and bridge your products to the curious buyers may need an update to your website.

And to properly position yourself in the market you may create your work. You need to crosscheck your galleries, scrutinize the content and blade the type of work and products you do not wish to offer.

Display the high-quality images of the services and the products that you wish to push the most on your homepage which include images reflecting their use in your slider.

Eventually, ensure all the colors, font, and other components are regularly represented throughout the site.

  • Get the Loadout and Pick the Right Speed

There are buyers who abandon a website making more than three seconds to load. Studies on the same found that a single second’s delay in the load time results in a seven percent loss in the conversions.

You need to load time of three seconds or even less. Google offers a free speed test in order to check the load time on both mobile devices and the desktop. In any case, your site takes more than three seconds to load there may be many reasons. It may be due to heavily optimized images, poor hosting and a poorly performing theme may leave an impact on the site speed.

There are a very good number of marketing agencies that offer complimentary site audits throwing light in particular areas for improvement.

  • Outdated Themes and Technology

There are chances that old and dusty technology may leave a negative impact on your site’s performance and may drive your buyers away. Your user experience is everything and with evolvement in technology, you may meet very huge demands that your buyers pose. So it is important for your site to be better and good at speed.

When you wish to stand out in the industry you should be memorable, agile and ahead of your competitors of course. If in any case your website has not been touched in these two years, there is a very strong chance that it needs a tech refresh.

  • Design a Social Media Strategy

It is important that you drive traffic through your social media channel. Encourage your journalists to make use of social networking and let your readers come back to your portal for the recent news. Get the site visitors through Twitter and also boost the awareness on Facebook in order to bring your site’s visitors back many times in a day.

  • Measure your Traffic

Make sure you use the web analytics tools in order to track the habits of your site’s visitors. Checking these patterns give you a very clear picture of the things that are working on your site and what are not. If specific topics drive the visitors to your website, you know that you can increase your clicks while giving users what they wish for. And if you have any other areas of your website that may be ignored practically, you may decide whether you want to alter the content or eradicate the future coverage.

All these tips are work best in the competitive industry. Since digital presentation and the tools powering it, you may expect to stand at the top of the podium and swing smoothly in the industry.