How to Keep Up with the Web Industry

It may feel impossible to stay in vogue with the latest information and news in the web industry. It appears like every week there are some new front-end frameworks, must have apps, new java scripts and a lot more. So how can one single person know everything?

Well, the fact is this: Nobody knows everything and it is actually impossible to keep pace with everything. I am dead sure that there are many wonderful apps or jQuery Plugins that could have saved so many hours of the bygone headaches if I had just known about them.

Half of the battle is about recognizing a problem that you are having and looking for a solution, but even after that, it is easy to miss the perfect solution. I am informing you about all this because somewhere you are showing a project to someone, they may say why you didn’t use this or that instead? And at that moment you may hit yourself in the forehead. Well, it is ok. It happens all the time and is basically a helpful lesson.

It may be difficult, this is the reason why you need to try your best to keep up. The more you will understand about the resources and tools that are available to you, faster will be the art of putting together something really new. We cover many awesome links you should literally know about, but in case you are still craving more for it, here are some of the places to look.

  • Check Sites like CodePen, Github, and Dribble

Most of the web experts use specialized social networks in order to share their work with one another. Github is one of the great platforms for sharing complete projects. Codepen is cool if you wish to display the front-end concepts while using HTML, JS, and CSS. Eventually, Dribble is meant mainly for designers to share shots of their work. All of these sites have got a lot of users posting some new stuff every day, so browsing things that are popular may reveal new techniques that you may have never seen.

  • Read Blogs

First of all, you are lucky that you are reading this post. So, congratulations for being on the right track.

Blog posts are faster and cheaper than anything. These can be put together easily as they consist of texts and images only. As a consequence, blogs are an excellent medium of timely information. They may not have the same depth always, but these are quick to update.

There are people who use RSS readers to subscribe to their favorite blogs, which may help in keeping everything organized. I personally do not use RSS and check my favorite blogs whenever I find time for it. But it is important that you use what works for you. If you are looking for some blogs to follow for web tips, the list mentioned below will be a great help.

  • CSS Tricks
  • Codrops
  • The Treehouse Blog
  • David Walsh Blog
  • HTML5 Rocks
  • Follow People on Twitter

One of my favorite sources of new links is Twitter. Simply by following a few web oriented accounts, you may start to get loads of great insight directly into your feed. I like Twitter as each Tweet is limited to 280 characters, which literally means you get straight to the point. There are many people who use Twitter to check up on their friends, but blending in a few good web resources and personalities may turn social time into the learning time.

If you are someone who doesn’t know where to get started, I have put this list together for you to browse. Many times I update it mainly when I think there are some particular accounts to follow. If there is a person or some company missing that you may think should be there, you may tweet and let me know!

  • Focus on the Events

Attending event is one of the wonderful ways to keep pace with the latest news. You don’t get the network with like-minded people only, but you also get to hear experts speak on the topics that they may be passionate about. The industry leaders may reveal the new information gradually or offer some key insights during their talks that may lead you nowhere.

In any case, you get the chance to attend some event, you will certainly take the opportunity. Flying on to these events and going to them personally may be an expensive affair, but if you follow some good leaders, there will be many wonderful recorded conferences available on the platform. Make sure you check them all out!

  • Create the Future

There is nobody who can predict the future, then why not invent it? You will be literally surprised to see how easy it is to land with the new ideas that have never been tried before this. The web is one of the dynamic mediums with a broad untapped potential. If you have any problem that you wish to solve, look around and check if someone has already solved it. And even if you find a solution to it, you may come up with something better and execute it in a way that nobody else may have done before.

This list is certainly not the end; there are many other places where you may look for the recent industry news. So, if you have got the excellent resource that you would love sharing, I’d be pleased to hear about it in the comments.


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