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Instagram Testing on New Recommendations Feature to Upgrade the Content Discovery
By: Admin Posted on: August 22, 2018 Category: News

Instagram is on the go to test a new content discovery process while highlighting the posts from accounts that are identical to the ones you interact with and follow in the main feed.

As explained by Instagram:

You will see that the recommended posts at the end of your feed, once you have seen everything new from the people you follow. When you check the “recommended for you message” you will have the choice to view your previous posts or keep scrolling for more recommendations. And in case you are interested in seeing more from the accounts shown in the recommended posts, you need to tap on the blue button and follow them.

The tool compliments “all caught up” notification that was rolled out by instagram last month. Once you have seen all the latest posts, Instagram will make use of the opportunity to highlight a particular selection of the content that may appear normally in the explore tab, customized as per your needs and interests.

It also reduces the community health aspect of the “All Caught Up” tool as a way for the Instagram to assist you in managing your usage, and not spend much time scrolling.

It is also an interesting thing to consider how instagram tools reflect the ever evolving use of the social media.

In the year 2013, Facebook rolled out infamous News feed algorithm help show users the most relatable content, as people were just following a lot of pages, or they were connected to many people, altogether producing even more content than anyone could actually view every day. That time, Facebook said that the average Facebook user had almost 1500 posts eligible to show up in their News Feed on any given day, a very massive amount of the content – but it is undoubtedly interesting to note that on Instagram that is not the case at all.

It looks like Facebook and Twitter too, being at the starting of the social media shift, feel locked in the success to a degree of their own, with the expectations of the users following every page and getting connected with almost everyone they could. This may be novelty to some extent and may be a means to get more people to follow you back.

Facebook tried in last may and spotted such things on Social network’s main app, with punctuality once you see all the new stories in your feed.

Theoretically, on the basis of News feed algorithm logic, that may show up to a very little amount of users because if a very good number of users reaching the end of the news feed, having seen all the recent posts from pages and friends they follow, the algorithm may not be required.

This suggests that on Instagram, which has raised to prominence in the last years, after the first social media boom, users have become more selective about who they follow, which may be exactly because it is experiencing more engagement.

It is interesting to note as it suggest social media users are becoming even more selective in their entire process, that social media habits are getting matured as users come forward to be more familiar with the options like not following, and are more cautious about following the brands blindly.

Now the question is what does it mean to the marketers? You may need to work hard in order to get attention but with the Instagram users and new social media users more widely – getting even more selective, you need to tune into the target audience more than ever to improve your performance.


This new feature of the Instagram will be rolling out to some selected users over the next few days and it will expand in the coming weeks.