Important UX Design Trends We can Expect In 2017

Trending” is not limited to fashion or clothes. Almost every field has its own set of trends that keep on changing with new ideas and technologies. When it comes to website designing, some great designers don’t follow the existing trends. They create their own designing trends and make others dog their footsteps. Continuously increasing expectations of the users is the biggest reason why new trends are being introduced every year, especially in UX designing when it comes to user experience. UX designers have to raise the bar and think out of the box to come up with the new ways to create nice designed websites. These websites should not only be visually appealing, efficient and engaging but also functional and budget-friendly at the same time.

Let’s check out some top UX design trends that are expected to make a great impact on both designing and user.


  • Post-App and Post-Screen Designs: UX designs have shifted from sticky experience to slippy experience. It means from screen based devices to wearable technology or IOT. Technologies like wearables are based on the most advanced artificial intelligence technology which indicates new ways to interact. Designing for this new technology will demand broader thinking, innovative ideas, and outstanding creativity.


  • Personalization Expanded: According to the latest trends, designers are working towards personalization. They are creating a user-experience customized as per visitor’s preferences and their past behaviors. The idea behind this is to create an anticipatory design where users will get what they want before the designer knows that the user wants it. Use of geo-location and customization on the basis of profile information are a few features that can increase the level of personalization.


  • Storytelling through Designing: Delivering the pitch to the audiences is only possible through user-driven stories. Storytelling is one of the finest ways to create an engaging user experience. A good visual story on the website is the latest trend that is dominating in the present time. Storytelling has become more simplified and competent user experience design. Short, digestible and user-driven stories will gradually be more easily recognized as the finest way to deliver an effective pitch.


  • Increased Use of Videos: When it comes to user experience, storytelling through videos has become important as videos create engagement, boost brands and increase conversions. The video embedded in the background proves as the best way to communicate with the visitor. It contributes majorly in keeping the visitor busy on the page.


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So, it can be concluded that a good UX design meets all evolving needs of the customers and their expectations. The listed trends can be employed to streamline processes, add beauty and provide outstanding user-experience.



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