iOS 12 Release Gives Users More Power, Marketers More Options


Marketers will find ample of opportunities to connect with the users through improved AR capabilities, latest notifications options and more.

Since Apple has released iOS 12, it has been a big update on its mobile operating system which is packed with lots of useful features that are certainly a boon to the marketers, and iPhone app developers.

Let’s dig right in there.

Notification Changes make it Easier for the Users to Opt in and Opt Out

The update offers users a more control as a whole while adding some new modes to do not disturb and providing users different ways to manage their time online. But these are the changes that give marketers one of the real opportunities to better engage with the consumers and iPhone app development professionals a chance to perk up their skills.

In iOS 12, users may control how notifications are delivered. Notifications can be grouped by app. And users will be then able to choose what kind of delivery they want – well-known, which exhibits the home screen with an audible alert that slips into the user’s notification center without any alert, or nothing.

The marketers using iOS 12 can provide their app a trial of some quiet notifications that do not need an opt-in. To shift that provisional quiet message to some specific one, marketers need to create compelling and relevant content which lets you earn the upgrade.

AR becomes more Accessible and Easier for the marketers to create

Apple worked with Pixar to design a new open format called “usdz” that makes it easy to put AR anywhere throughout the operating system, including applications like Safari, Messages, Files, Mail, and News. The ARKit 2 offers developers new tools to design the shared experiences, and the experiences that can be saved and resumed back at that point later on.

It has been also revealed that Apple AR advances will offer “easy AR content creation which will let the AR content go mainstream”. So far it was a domain of the skilled designers and developers only. This is one of the great opportunities for e-commerce owners, bloggers and even every IMessage user.

There’s no need to know machine learning to reap the real benefits

Apple says its Core ML 2 will process the models quicker than ever before and offers an easy platform on which to train and build models while using new create ML framework, with no machine learning expertise needed.

User-friendly Features make for Happier Customers

Apple is making some of the really big boasts about the speed updates like swipe-to-camera speed a hike of upto 70 percent faster, and an application launch of up to two times quicker if real customers will be clicking or scrolling faster than ever before. However with extra privacy controls for the users in the arouse of Europe’s General Data Protections Regulation (GDPR) and rest of the laws, marketers need to be savvier than ever before.

Marketers need to be aware of some security advancements to Safari that check share buttons and comment widgets from tracking the users and block advertisers from collecting the device data.

In fact the fun features could spell the opportunity for creative marketers.

The updates to Animojis, and the addition of personalized memojis and new camera effects offer users an opportunity to play and also offer marketers a chance to bond. Coming up with all these ideas spotlighting these features should help you to attract the younger customers who already use them through Instagram and Snapchat. The release in fact include other new features like Siri shortcuts and Facetime, which offers Siri the ability to pair the user’s daily routines with the applications to suggest convenient shortcuts when they are required.

Often, with a new release of iOS there are more than a few things to turn excited about

There are many experienced people who share these things out from the guise of helping clients. They share real differentiated contemporary experiences are the extension of the Siri’s capabilities through some ShortCut API and certainly ARKit 2.0, and everything that it provides by way of next-generation augmented reality. The two most outstanding features that are praised in this evolution are: persistence and the shared experiences. It is certainly not hard to imagine a lot of creative uses where such features will add value to client built experiences.