Online Videos: The next Generation Marketing Trends

While new video platforms are coming to picture every day, the existing ones are gaining strength with the addition of features. The competition for internet videos has in fact paced up with Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, Vine, Periscope and a lot. However, this noticeable change discloses how online videos are fetching the attention of users.

Since online video trend is occupying a major place, it is important to have a massive budget which may not be convenient for every business type.

As we all know that most of our time is spent on the internet, we come across so many videos throughout the day. Out of that collection, some videos leave a great impact which in turn increases the craving for more.

As a digital marketing company, we come across many clients who talk about the barriers they experience in advertising. While for some it does not fit in the budget, for others it is not effective for their business type. Whatever be the bar, we have come here with the online video trends that are fetching the attention of its people with a great pace.


Twitter and Instagram Video

Twitter and Instagram both are one of the most important social channels to operate. And when it comes to business marketing, this is something you cannot risk missing. These channels offer autoplay facility which is your true friend. Whenever you get a chance, publish a video of them. Instagram videos have got a limited time span that of 15 seconds, hence be creative and fetch attention in this short interval. We assure you your success as videos get retweets by 32%.


Other Video Platforms

Video landscape is confusing and overwhelming. Let’s scroll through some of the emerging and existing platforms:

Remember to not miss the YouTube ads. Though you must not be fond of advertisements in general, these help a great deal to reach your targeted audience exactly where they live.


Facebook Live

You would have definitely noticed many of your friends and relatives on Facebook, playing around with live streaming. Facebook has shown its creativity to connect with your fans in the quickest way possible and it is fetching a lot of attention in the field. This live streaming video facility has got an additional feature of auto notifications. When you go live, your subscribers will automatically get to know about it which let them join you at that very moment. This is really fantastic! One can advertise the live activities at that very moment.


With competition heating up to a great extent, Youtube has still not missed its place in the field. It still owns the video space for now and is one of the biggest search engines. Now the question comes how would you come to know that you are making the most of your Youtube Channel?

  • Ensure that you have a listed website
  • Design a channel trailer
  • Go with a quality cover photo
  • Upload videos on regular basis
  • Connect with rest of the social accounts in the bio.

YouTube Live

YouTube’s live-stream video is even complex. It needs encoding software, but it deserves a look as the network is so widely established. Though this video feature has not got much attention, it has the potential to get there.

Stories on Social Channels

A Recent addition to the social marketing channels is the stories section. One can upload short videos there. These are easy to access and deliver the exact message in a while. Almost every prominent social media channel has got this facility: like Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp and so on. Design videos for few seconds and upload. More the followers more will be the number of seen and returns on it.

Hence videos are occupying a major place in the digital marketing agency. With so many features and attractions offered inside, it catches the attention of people which makes it the next generation marketing tool. Be smart to use it and advertise your business proficiently.

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