The Best Practices for Effective Call-to-Action Buttons

Call-to-action, also popular as (CTA) buttons are the buttons used on your website and landing pages to convert your users into potential buyers or the service takers. These buttons are installed on your web pages to take an action that you actually want them to take. CTA buttons vary in size as well as style, depending on your website style and conversions. Some very common examples of Call-to-Action buttons are:

  • Download Buttons
  • Add to Cart
  • Call Now

CTA buttons play a major role to help you achieve your goals. These literally get your web visitor click on and complete the conversion, only if effective. Since these buttons play such an important role, it is essential to have the best types of CTAs on your platform. Here are some best practices that can help you get higher CTR together with conversions out of the effective buttons.


Use Action Oriented Text

The foremost thing that you need to be concerned about is the text of your CTA. This text is supposed to be action oriented. Do not use boring or very common words in that. Be concise, but be effective. You can use the words like “Enter”, “Visit Us”, “Reserve Now” and more. These words literally let your users press on and then the task is all in your hands.

These CTAs text must be revealing the customer’s benefit on pressing and not yours. Once you have given such a texture to your words, be sure that you have played it right.


CTA Button Colors

Colors may not appear playing a very great role in this picture, but these do. Until your CTA is not noticeable, there’s no point of installing it on your web page. And to make it visible, colors are very important. Use bright and outstanding colors on your CTA buttons. The buttons should look different and come into notice on the very first go. To make it even clear: remember that you would not want a grey button on the grey background. It will not be visible as something important. As per studies: Green and orange colors have been noticed performing best. Choose the best color for your website and make it come to notice efficiently.


Fascinating Button Shape

When trying to craft the best CTA button, button shape plays a great role. You will need to think that a rounded button will go better or some other shape on your web design will look attractive. This is really hard to make out what’s better because it all depends on the overall design of your website.


Keep your Text Readable

Many times to keep our CTAs different, we make the mistake of using heavy and different words. Well, there’s nothing bad about being unique, but it is useless if not legible to your common users. Remember that your ultimate goal is to be clear to your visitors. Hence keep your text readable and easily understood. At the same time, you also need to be careful about the size of your CTA text. It should be large enough to fetch attention, but not too large that it suppresses the rest of the content on your landing page.


Give it a Touch of Urgency

When you add a sense of urgency to your CTA buttons, users are most likely to click it. These buttons can yield some very impressive click-through rates. For instance: button text can be like:

  • Offer valid for next 4 hours
  • Buy now for heavy discounts
  • Register now or never

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