Simple Tactics to Drive Traffic to Your Blog via Facebook


Are you wondering how to drive traffic to your blog for visibility and reach? Well, this blog will discuss some chief steps that can help promote your blog posts on Facebook.


Compose a Facebook Post that makes People Click on

Publishing a Facebook post to be read and viewed by your followers is easy to say but not too easy to do. Most of the Facebook posts that catch attention of people in the news feed have got the same qualities that is a design, a catchy headline that draws your attention and text above the image. These are such elements that make the entire article to be read by your viewers.

When you nail these three factors, there are complete chances that your post will drive maximum traffic to your blog.

Here you need to keep this in mind that when you add a blog’s URL to a Facebook post, it automatically fetches the image, headline and the link description for your blog. So, you need to ensure that your blog articles have got a strong headline and the meta-descriptions before you post them on Facebook.


Add an Appealing Visual to your Post

The human eye is attracted by the visuals. Not all the Facebook posts have got URLs or headline. Sometimes a business needs to publish posts that involve a large number of images and above-the-image copy. Posts having large images can literally boost the visibility as they take up more space in the news-feed.


Target the Organic Reach on your Post

Once you are ready with your Facebook post, it is ready to go live on the platform. Think about its optimization. To elaborate: share your posts when most of your people are online. This gets you the maximum reach to the organic crowd. To see when most of your fans are online, simply navigate to the insights of your page and reach your audience.


Generate Social Proof to boost your Post to the Custom Audience

The very next step is to advertise your Facebook post in your blog post. Target people who have liked your page or who have been engaged in at some point of time. Advertising your posts to one of these audiences gives you evidence that your post deserve getting shared and liked.

In order to target people on the basis of page engagement, there is a need to design custom audience. In the page Facebook ads manager, you can navigate to the audience page. Once done with this click audience and select custom Audience from the drop-down menu.


Target Broader Audience to create an Ad Campaign

Once you have gathered some shares and likes, just wait for a few hours for the results to come in. Then you can expand your promoted post’s audience. When audience sees your posts already approved, they and are interested to give it a like. If you have really given the best quality article, it does not take very long to build up your trust on the readers.


Target High-ROI Audiences

Target the audience that offers highest returns over your investment. This can be done very simply. Blog readers who have already visited your articles about a topic which is similar to the one that you are sharing, customers who you want to read your articles and get engaged. In case you are reading an article that people are least interested in, fetches the highest returns. Just keep your audience in mind before actually posting a blog on Facebook.


Run a Campaign in Facebook Ads Manager

Though the boosted posts button let you promote your posts very quickly, there will be a need of additional options to expand your audience. These options are available only on Facebook Ads Manager.

When you have some new targets for your boosted post, it is better if you separate the budgets depending on your audience. To resolve this problem, go to the Ads Manager and create an ad campaign for advertising your blog article.

When you set up your Ads through Ads manager, you can easily optimize your ad placement, advertise the same Facebook Post to different audiences at the very same moment. You can optimize your ad delivery for maximum reach of clicks and conversions.

When you are done running a Facebook promotion for a time being, you will notice how well it works.



Sharing your Blogs on Facebook has got the biggest advantage, but this happens only when you do it at the right time for right audience. Additionally, if you are very good at writing and is good at catching attention with a perfect design, success is sure to come your way.

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