Perfect use of Instagram for your Business

We see that Millennials are so fluent in social media. In fact, it is a language that this generation discovered with their siblings and only they can understand what they are talking about. Parents hardly get this social media thing. No matter the business size, everyone has jumped on social media and has attempted to use any channel they can in order to civilize the company they are running. I think that the most untapped social channel is one that most of the companies are often afraid of, Instagram.

Businesses need to be aware of Instagram because if used abruptly, this may lead to a disaster. According to recent studies, many companies waste it when it comes to run their business on the Instagram account.

So, here in this article, you will get some tips and tricks to do the research on business communications with Instagram. You will really get crazy about the tips this Instagram works on.

  • Make use of Instagram Stories

An Instagram story is basically the path to bring your customers behind the scenes. There is something really appealing to see the man behind the curtain. In times where the consumer is becoming more and suspicious about traditional marketing, they are interested to see the man behind the keyboard and know more about him or her. And for this, one of the best ways to bring your consumers in interest is an Instagram story. When you start using the story space properly, you get to build some highlights remaining on your profile for a long term. With such highlights, your followers stay interested in your company without any push. They will be simply interested to see what you or your brand is up to if you are portraying it in an interesting way. If they like your content and you observe a good number of people seeing and sharing your stories, you are certainly on the right path. Keep heading!

  • Use Strategies

Using social media is just like texting someone. In case you see that you are sending at least five messages a day without any response, you are certainly doing something wrong. You can use some analytics platform in order to help you make out which posts are going good and which are not coming with the desired results. Being marketers you need to look at your habits and check out what you are doing. Make proper use of your skills to your advantage. Simply find a habit and stick to it, even if it comes to you like your followers reacting to just one post a week. The best habit you need to indulge is start posting at least once in a day and then increase it with the average of time. Till the time you have data no matter which posting habits you choose, it is going to work for your followers anyways. But in case you find some strategy creating the “attention sweet spot” you will surely get the most of the return of your time.

  • Be Consistent

Instagram is basically a scrolling pleasure. Scrolling down someone’s account that has got the visual consistency is literally satisfying. It simply conveys that no matter who is the person behind the keyboard, he or she cares about the content and the work they are uploading on their profile. It actually does not take much to work on an aesthetic theme for your account either.

In a simple manner, you can use the similar filter for every photo, or in case you are feeling fun and fancy, you can also work on alternating your filters so that your account look like a checkboard of the two colors in a theme.

  • Use Hashtags

Hashtags can be either your friends or your enemy. They may be sour at times and the very next moment, you may find them sweet enough. Using hashtags on every post is one of the great ways to get your posts up on the people’s discovery pages, but these can also be sour if used a lot.

For example, I posted a picture with a single caption and another with relevant hashtags, and then I analyzed that pictures with hashtags have got the higher number of likes.


In the end, it won’t be wrong to say that every business is different in nature. For every niche, there is a different way to bring attention to your business through the Instagram account, and of course, it does not cost any dime to learn the art of posting in a smarter way. In fact, this is a fact that most successful social media accounts can be handled well by the smallest groups, so there is no need to be intimidated by social media as a small business. The simplest way is to research harder, post smarter and not be afraid of asking around and checking what people think is working better. The most important thing is to have fun while reaping the rewards of your labor when the likes come in.

So share your tips and tricks that you use on your Instagram account. What are the takeaways you will be implementing on your very own accounts? We are waiting for your response in the comment section below.

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