Mobile and Desktop Advertising – Know the Strategy

If you are one of recent age’s customers, there is a very good possibility that you spend a very good part of your time online while using your desktop computer for researching services and products. However, you are undoubtedly using the mobile device for the same motive more frequently – in equal percentage or even greater than your internet activities through the traditional desktop. Your consumers are definitely not alien to the trend which has seen the exclusive growth in tablets, smartphones and other portable devices offering you an easier access to the content.

Therefore it is important that you understand the difference between desktop and mobile advertising so that you can capture the advantages that every format has to offer. However, the fact is this that you need albeit for a variety of reasons. Here are some of the major ways that you create and implement different strategies successfully together with maintaining the brand consistency.

  • Control Costs with Mobile Advertising

Most of the marketers do not dig deeper in their settings while developing marketing materials for mobile devices, which can be a costly habit, of course. Rather, you should be choosing mobile preferred ads in all the applicable times in order to gain control over the ads distribution. Simply adjust the keywords within Adword, within devices and settings tabs, so as to adjust the percentage of what you will pay through your desktop campaign.

  • Save Complicated Ads for Desktop

It is important that you think about your experience while researching a product or service through your mobile device. You would perhaps find that you are clicking away from the graphics complex marketing or loaded ads that consume more bandwidth as well as time to load down.

Now just think from your consumer’s point of view. They will probably become even more frustrated with your mobile advertising. You need to keep things simple when approaching the mobile phone, and get completely out of it when your message will be delivered to the desktop. You can still manage to maintain the brand consistency between both of them.

  • Permit Direct Phone Calls through Mobile Marketing

Users may skip a step when using your content on some portable device. You can simply enable a feature which will initiate a phone call directly to the customer service department of your company which is opposite of leading them to the page which offers them to make a call. A step less than that may appear not so important, but it is a big deal to the prospects that are regularly flooded with the marketing messages.

  • Take Benefit of Increased Engagement from the Mobile Users

Mobile use definitely drives better results than the use of desktop because a video is more ready to be viewed and the text content is presented in full-screen formation without any other distractions. Customers are liable to have an even more personal connection with their mobile devices and are also more interested in giving their attention. You can simply catch the advantage of increased engagement with an exactly targeted mobile strategy.

  • Responsive Web Design may be an Alternative

Based on the functionality of your website, responsive web design can be the perfect approach for displaying the similar content in an optimized for mobile-format. In an ideal world, this solution is served in the best way possible if your existing site is somewhat straightforward in operations. And in case interacting with your website need a lot from the visitor, responsive web design may fall short.

Mobile and Desktop Advertising, both are Important

Since the difference between desktop and mobile advertising both need the right approach, the truth is you need to include both the strategies. The key focus for each, however, is maintaining the consistency and clarity in delivering your brand message across two different formats.

Once you know the impact and importance of mobile advertising, you can see why it needs to be an important component of your marketing approach. Simultaneously, desktop advertising is also not going away. It simply needs a more tuned strategy to be successful. The difference between desktop and mobile advertising is something you should be using and embracing to your advantage, while not turning away from it. There may emerge the need to take help from the professionals in developing a working methodology which implements the best of both the worlds, but you have got a very good start if you understand the difference between two of them.

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