Powerful Ways to Convert Website Traffic into Leads

More traffic to a website does not mean more revenue until the revenue model is completely based on display advertising. Display advertising model fetches the lowest revenue per visitor if compared to the rest of the revenue models. In fact, there are some studies revealing that only 27% of the internet visitors end up looking at the display ad.

One of the most wonderful ways to monetize the internet web traffic is to convert them into leads and then advertise a service or product to them through email marketing or a follow-up phone call. Nonetheless, some people might enter incorrect information on the signup page and this could waste the precious time of the company by sending emails to the wrong address or dialing the wrong number. In these cases, businesses can take the help of phone and email verification tools to remove invalid customer data from the database. Email and phone calls can also be considered popular forms of inbound marketing. Interruption advertising or outbound marketing is not effective now as people are getting better at turning out of interruption.

The best way to get traffic to your platform is through content marketing. It is done in the best way through blogging, email marketing, and social media. However, here in this article, we are not targeting how to get the traffic but how to convert that traffic into leads.

  • Landing Pages

Landing pages are the most efficient ways to transform a visitor into the lead. Since the purpose of most of the content pages on websites is to offer information, landing pages are designed to collect the contact information. The effective landing pages amalgamated with targeted traffic can offer the conversion ratio which is as high as 50-60% and in some rare cases may be even more than that.

When you put up different landing pages inside your main content website or your blog, the chances of more people visiting those pages through search engines, direct traffic and hence referrals increase the chances of lead collection. You may also have a variety of banners in your blog that links to one of the landing pages.

Except this, Youtube content marketing can also be the perfect way of bringing traffic to your website and eventually converting them to the potential leads.

Different landing pages fascinate different groups or people and thus one should never be dependent only on a single landing page. And this is always a good idea to send traffic to the landing page through the blog and then measure which landing page works well. One of the prominent examples is Hubspit.com. It can be called the leader in inbound marketing. According to this, the strategy suggests that there should be no less than 40-50 landing pages with various offers.

  • Notification Bars

Notification bars are the broad banners on the top of the websites. The internet users have been trained in a way to focus on the notification bars as browsers usually exhibit warning messages or the blocked popup in the bar. Such bars remain at the top of everything and in fact, many such bars can be easily configured to stick to the top even when people scroll down the website. This is one of the best types of attention grabber.

  • Greet Redirects

There is a possibility to redirect the first time visitors of the blog to the landing page where they are simply asked to choose the return for something really valuable like a free e-book or some newsletter. Such kind of plugins will only redirect returning visitors and new visitors will only get to see your home page.

No doubt this is a good option for catching number of leads in short span of time, but this is not the most recommended method of course. It actually affects the user experience at different levels. For instance: a returning visitor may not visit the website from the location or device and this may be treated as a new visitor and redirected to the landing page.

  • Unblockable Popup Forums

Unblockable popups are dependent on many blogs and websites and these are one of the best ways to convert the potential traffic into leads. Anywhere around 10% of daily blog traffic is expected to convert into leads on the basis of the effectiveness of your offer.

For WordPress, there is a plugin famous as Popup domination which may create aesthetically appealing popup forms on your business website. The plugin is a premium plugin and may offer split tracking and testing options.

  • Headers Forms

You can also fit an opt-in-box in the header area which is the most valuable piece of real estate on any website. You can simply develop a custom theme if you have got the resources and also split test it to perk up its conversions.

  • Wrapping Up

Since there are different methods to lead generation, the basic concept is the same. Catch the attention of visitors by offering them valuable content and then get permission to email them in the most efficient way. Offer something valuable in the email so that you can build trust and then eventually present what you have to sell in a non-prominent way.

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