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Planning to Start a Business in 2017 – A Complete Guide for Startup Entrepreneurs
By: Admin Posted on: March 24, 2017 Category: It Industry

So, you have decided to start your new business this year, but do you have prior experience of handling business? If not, this article will help you understand what are the things that you need to do before you launch your online business. Also, if you are a new entrepreneur, you must perform research related to your business and customers. Don’t worry, if you have not done any research before, then our article will let you know the right way to do so.

When you start an online business, you must have answers of thousands of questions. These may include: how much money you need to invest in your particular business? What are procedures for registering your company with the government? How to build a business website? How much time will it require? Who is your target audience and what do they like? What are the strategies that will help to build business credibility?

It’s easy to think that you can give shape to your business idea, but it requires efforts and right strategies to execute that idea rightly and make it work well. Right execution of an idea differentiates a great thinker from an entrepreneur. By online business, everyone means more Facebook likes, more visitors, more leads and more revenue. But it is definitely not the right mantra for building a successful company. In order build a successful online company, you will need to create an apt business plan and fine-tune it, complete legal work, assess your finances and choose the best tools to give a good kick start to your business.

There are myriad of free tools and resources that can help you start with your business marketing. You will also get to know about setting business goals is important before you start working on it.



Given below is the list of marketing resources that entrepreneurs can choose for their startups:

  • The above-mentioned software will help you build sales and marketing plan, which if works successfully, will provide you with the biggest RPO and much more.

  • Review Industry Developments: You can easily review the industry competition in a particular sector, by entering relevant keywords in Google alerts, Reeder, Feedly and Google Reader.

  • HubSpot Marketing Free: It is a free marketing tool that gives you insight into what every lead does before and after they fill out a form. It includes built-in analytics that makes it easy to learn which pages, offers, and traffic sources are driving the most conversions for you.

  • Website Metrics: It is important that you must know how your website is performing, once it is complete. With website grader, you can grade your website’s performance, SEO, mobile, and security with detailed tips and resources so that you can make impactful improvements on your website.

  • Content creation templates: When you are starting your new business, you should choose free templates to fulfill all your content creation related needs.

  • Press Release Template: There are several customizable free press release templates are available to download for free. You will also be provided with a corresponding guide to build a press release and promotion plan.



  • Email Signature Generator: Professional email signature is necessary from the sales point of view. You can create email signature to add to your Outlook, Gmail, Apple Mail, Yahoo Mail or any other email with the help of a free tool.

  • Sales Email Templates: You will need some nice email templates to share your business ideas, send project solutions to clients as well as proposals to crack deals. Some email templates have the potential to provide you with quick response rates. 

  • Sales Call Scripts: In order to build your rapport and develop trust among your customers, you will need sales call scripts that will understand pain points of the prospects, spot key decision-makers, and protect a follow-up meeting.

  • Sales Process Template: An uncomplicated, easy-to-follow sales process template helps managers instruct their sales reps and follow a verified, consistent process from discovery to close.

  • Sales Close Rate: You must compare your sales close rate against your industry opponents.


Among different available CRM software, you need to choose one that allows you to manage your channel, mechanize tedious sales tasks and close deals very quickly. CRM will help you end up more deals without spending much time and money on data entry.

Well, you have all necessary information required to start an online business successfully. Now we expect that you will probably face fewer problems to start your own business. From initial research to template finalizing and making the website live, you need to execute everything in a well-organized manner by following step-by-step technique.