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Revolutionizing iPhone App Development Services since Last 10 Years
By: Admin Posted on: February 12, 2019 Category: App Development

The declaration pasted on Apple walls when it celebrates its ten year anniversary is “when Apple brought in App store on 10 July, 2008 with around 500 applications, it caught up cultural, economic and social phenomenon. And we could certainly not agree more.

In just ten years, the technical giant leading the way when it is about setting the standards in terms of security and quality has brought out a way for businesses to stretch beyond websites.

If it had not been about App store, businesses like Netflix or Uber would have never ever come into existence.

As a matter of fact, you would have also not stumbled on this article if App store had never been incepted, after all how would an iPhone app development company cover this?

Talking on a revolutionary note that Apple has introduced the world to; let us pay a look at how far an application store has come in terms of distance that has been covered.

Paying a look back at how journeys that App store has traveled from inception till Now:

In-App Purchases Came into Existence

Since Apple brought out its iPhone OS 3.l0 in the year 2009, together came to the new app store feature in-app purchases. The latest feature now offers the app developers a new mode of monetizing their development.

Apple’s policy referred to in-app purchases was just restricted to the paid apps and games at first, but just after a few months, the policy altered and Apple now permitted purchases in the free apps and games also, introducing the era of some ‘Freemium applications’.

App Store Established for Developers and Users

On July 2008, only a day before the launch of Apple iPhone 3G’s, Apple launched the iOS app store with over 500 applications for download, while marking the start of a new business – iPhone app.

Development within three days only, the number of available applications increased to 800 and the downloading rate also increased to 10 million.

iPad Makes an Appearance

iPad came in April 2010, and with that, Apple expanded its App store portfolio to a state where it includes tablet-centric apps now together with the universal apps that are designed to operate on both iPads and iPhone. So, the businesses that were prior restricted to developing the applications for the iPhone were now stretching their services to iPad app development.

As a consequence of the increasing inflow of iPhone apps, may now choose from around 3000 applications that were optimized for the 9.7-inch device.     

App Store now Stretches to Watches and TVs

On October 2015, after altering the app outlook on the smartphones, tablet and Mac computers, the brand stretched its services to Apple TV and Apple watch. It brings the apps on the world’s wrists and their living rooms, again stretching the iPhone application development world.

With the app store redesign, the store has been experiencing 500 million visitors on a weekly basis, who spend time unearthing newer apps than they ever did. The hundred of stories in the news ‘Today’ tab have also been read by around 1 million people.

App Store has reached a Million Hearts

The number of iPhone apps that once started with 500 applications at the time of launch in 2008 has now reached the count of 2.2 million that has been downloaded more than 130 billion times.

For the efforts that iOS app developers put in the development and designing for their apps, the iOS app developer community has bagged over $100 billion on the revenue front while selling their products on the App Store.

The store that has been observing standards for the iPhone app developers and the app industry, as a complete thing, to follow has come so far in terms of the experience that it has been providing the end number of developers and users who are getting linked with the platform.

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