Vital Skills For Successful Android And iOS Mobile App Developers


There’s no doubt that mobile development has become one of the important topics in the IT industry. And with that, the demands for talented app developers are increasing more than ever. But software is ubiquitous. Right from server and cloud to the latest trend of wearables and IoT-enabled devices, there is so much that mobile app developers need to keep up with to constantly expanding their skills.

Qualities of Top Mobile App Developers

If you feel like hiring a mobile application developer, what are some key qualities you should be looking forward to finding exceptional developers?

There is no secret that mobile technology has become one of the most significant parts of everyday lives and it is also affecting each of us more than we would like to accept. Do you doubt it? Well, why not facts speak in favor of this.

As per record in the year 2018, 3.7 billion of exclusive mobile users

Around 2.8 million applications on the Google Play store and around 2.2 million on Apple App store were available in March 2017.

As you may see, there are some really serious statements which businesses across the globe keep in mind when it comes to stretch their customer base. The demand for mobile app developers is regularly on the rise, but not just any developers – the best ones.

Now, what is it that makes everything the best, though? How do they work? What are the qualities they have? Let’s find it out!

The Mobile Developers and Product Development Process

  • Developing a mobile application is a process that needs planning and also comprise of different steps.
  • The initial step of the process is defining some problem that a mobile application should solve.
  • The second step is designing a clear profile of the user so that all app features can be put together strategically so as to increase the success ratio. This step also needs being concerned about mobile platforms as well as devices that an app developer should cover.
  • In this step, when almost all the basic information is covered, it becomes important to share the work with the designers that may focus on the UI of the application, making it easier on the eye and easy to use as well.
  • The last step is to let the mobile app developers do their exact magic. This somewhat makes it or break it the moment.

No just imagine that you have done all the required planning, have put your time and money into an application, and somehow you end up with not those satisfying results. What would be the reason for that? The truth that you did not choose the exact professionals for the job, would be the topmost reason. Hiring mobile app developers who are aware of the art of delivering the best possible solutions is important. But who are these app developers/ what are they exactly like is also important.

Now, what makes developers so qualified? Are these best developers someone who can code fast or the ones who are skilled in developing for different platforms? Or are they ones who help you find answers to all such questions.

For the past few years, we have had experience, not in just developing mobile applications but in employing the quality developers as well. Now we just wanted to share the practical knowledge on this subject with you.

Once we know the fact that we are looking for some great developers it can be as hard as looking for a perfect development company and this is the reason why we have drafted a list of some most important qualities that app developers should have.

Cross-Platform Development Knowledge

There are different types of users on the Google Play Store, but it is the app store users who spend more time on actually using the apps and getting engaged. The chances of your target group using an individual platform are pretty much non-existent.

Hiring just Android app developers should not be your first choice. While choosing a cross-platform development you are increasing the chances of the product meeting the market quickly. Why? Because this is actually the way, the speed of development process multiplies.

Together with the speed, cross-platform development also offers different other benefits too. The cross-platform development permits you to reuse the code without any difficulty and sync it across different platforms.

The team actually gets to spend a little less time on developing the applications as there is no building an application for every platform separately.

The Important Set of UI/UX Skills

Do you know what the key goal of top mobile app developers is? It is to achieve the target market while engaging as many users as they can. Mobile app developers can just achieve this by UX/UI skillset.

Though a team of developers is going to work with the team of designers, they should not be executioners only but the one who ensure that an application works.

Very basic knowledge of UX/UI design and acquaintance with front-end development is very important.

Knowledge of Popular Languages

There are different languages on the market that mobile app developers use Python, Java, PHP. JavaScript, C#, Swift and Objective C. Regardless of which developer you choose, it is important to know a few of them and preferably the languages that are mostly in use.

Just like with any other profession staying updated with the news about programming languages is a day-to-day activity for some prominent mobile app developers.

It is also important that you make no mistake when it comes to looking for solutions online. You have to just face the truth that everyone has done it and will do it. If you are looking for solutions on Google that is certainly not a sign of any kind of incompetence.

Team Work Ability

Skilled mobile app developers are always people who are team players. Why? Since mobile development needs teamwork to create an application which is going to make a boom in the market.

There are two most important elements when it is about teamwork – integrity in organizational skills and another is communication.

If some team wish to reach its complete potential and finish the project, then open and honest communication need to exist at all times. We have to accept the fact that working with people can be hard sometimes, so the developer’s willingness to make some effort and put themselves in someone else’s shoes is a big advantage.

On contrary, the top mobile app developers are the ones that are able to face some challenge, knowing the skill of managing the time to solve it effectively. They are aware of how to get in the zone and give their best.

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