Why you have to follow Top UI Trends and Mobile App Design for 2019?


Mobile app design today is one of the most challenging jobs. When we talk about high-quality applications, people usually communicate about coding, features, development, etc. But the most important thing noted by users is the design. Design is actually a key to fascinate your users. If some design is not appealing, there are complete chances of the users signing out of the application.

The design includes app icons. Mobile apps are usually designed in a way that it reflects the usage of the application. Let us consider some examples. The app icon of Amazon has got a shopping cart. The colors used in the logo are blue and white. The website has also got the same colors. This actually assists the users in identifying the brand rapidly.

The Whatsapp logo is a chat icon. It has also used green and white colors. The logo design should always indicate the objective or function of the app. Then color combination is another important factor to attract your targeted audience.

It is the mobile app design that frames the initial impression and therefore it is important to pay attention on the design. Regardless of what it is about, corporate app, problem-solving app, it has end number of competitors. What to be done in such a situation where you are providing something that is already offered by lot of competitors? Being beautiful can actually be a great help. There are users who like accessing beautiful applications among different apps. Also, providing something exclusive can be really beneficial. A mobile app with different design can catch a lot of eyes and may become famous in less time.

Now, what is UI?

UI refers to the user interface. A user interface is basically about presentation. Regardless of how amazing your mobile app is, no matter how classy features you offer, if UI is just not perfect than your efforts are of no use. The UI design should be really pleasurable and easy to use. UI involve label icons, alignment, brightness, color, buttons and contrast. It offers interactive on smaller screens of tabs and mobile.

According to a survey around 88% of the mobile users wish to continue the app if they get poor user experience.

Following all the UI trends is very important. The mobile app development companies and the businesses planning to develop a mobile app should follow all app UI design trends. The apps that are built without executing any recent UI trends looking like an old app that no one wishes to download.

What are the upcoming UI and Mobile App Design Trends?


Every user interface company needs to have the detailed knowledge of opacity. Opacity offer designing and transparency. The application looks pleasant when it is transparent. Opacity also provides better space for text and many other elements. Opacity setting helps in adjusting variety of color combinations. The effect of transparency can be actually observed on elements and icons.

Overlapping Effect

Overlapping has already become one of the trends in UI designs. The overlapping of font, shadows of logos and colors is enriching. It helps interface becomes more eye-catching and exciting. You need to make most of the limited space while adding more dimensions to the 2D screen. There are some audiences that expect some more realistic designs. In such a case, overlapping can be really helpful. Designers can literally create simulated shadows in order to enable the focus on some critical elements.

Colour Gradients

Color combinations differ in different applications. There are some top developers experiment with more bright colors and some experiment with fewer colors. Gradients are the top new colors. It is one of the trends to combine geographical gradients with the most engaging graphics to give a perfect look to the app.Colour gradients are the useful UI design tool used basically to attract users. UI designers make use of contrast color choice to highlight the text. When text is a little more important and designer expects the user to pay attention on it, a very simple design is use with the contrast colored background. Such kind of tricks is used when some offer has to be proclaimed.As per a study, users tend to see the brightest colors first of all and then gradually they move their eyes to the dull or dark shades.It is important to understand the science. A good designer will always use some bright colors at introductory part or for logos. Use some dark colors for Call-to-Action (CTA).

There are many applications in the market that fail even after having really good content or some message. Designers of such applications may have ignored the importance of readability. There are some apps that are merely informative. In such applications, the user cannot order something or even book any service.

The user can just have an access to the information. Content plays a really great role in such applications. Usually too, content has got a really great importance. What can be done if you want the user to pay more attention on the content? The text needs to be readable.

To make text appealing and readable, it is vital to contrast colors for both. If your text is in dark color, use some light color background. If the text is in some light color, make sure you use a dark color background. Performance of the mobile application depends on the content readability.


The animation is something that can actually not turn the tables. Any mobile application without animations can do well in this. However, adding animation makes the application look more fascinating. Animations improve the user experience and make any app more interactive. Animation can be used for images, buttons, fonts and rest of the graphics. Function type animation also changes the element when a user interacts with it. Orientation space is another type of animation which simplifies the navigation. Then there are other fun animations that are used to make the application look appealing and attractive.Color combinations differ in different apps. Some expert developers experiment with some more colors and some experiment with fewer colors. Gradients are the new colors. It is a trend to combine geographical gradients with some engaging graphics to offer a new look to the application.Colour gradients are a useful UI design tool used to fascinate users easily. UI designers use contrast color choice to highlight text. When text is more important and designer wants the user to focus on it, simple design is used with a contrast-colored background. Such tricks come to execution when some offer needs to be proclaimed.A study states that users tend to see the brightest colors first and then slowly move their eyes to the dark shades.

It is essential to understand the science. Designers should use the bright colors at introductory part or for logos. Use dark colors for call-to-action (CTA).

There are many apps in the market that fail in spite of having great content or message. Designers of such apps might have ignored the importance of readability. Some apps are merely informative apps. In such apps, the user cannot order something or book any service.

The user can only access information. Content plays a vital role in such apps. In general also, content has great importance. What to do if you want the user to focus more on the content? The text should be readable.

To make text readable and appealing, it is important to use contrast colors for both. If the text is in a dark color, use light color background. If the text is in a light color, use a dark color background. Performance of the mobile app depends on content readability.

Custom Illustration

When it comes to stock illustration, the designer does not get any exclusiveness, and there is no scope of individuality. The reputation of custom illustration is multiplying. There are some popular types of custom illustration which include hand paper cut style, hand drawing style and painting style. While using these custom illustrations, designers can actually communicate the brand message to end users.


Just a few months back Hubspot did a survey showing 55% of the users view online videos every day.Users enjoy watching videos more than reading a plain text. The video based user-interface is now becoming more and more popular these days. It is going to dominate the user interface of mobile app design really soon. Users actually find watching videos exciting.

Why is Re-designing so Important?

Redesigning is a one of the important face and it works. UI trends for the year 2019 are all mention above. to implement all these trends in your design, you need to redesign your application.

Redesign app brings a new look to your mobile application. There are many apps that are same from years need to redesign and add some new features. Then there are some favorite apps like Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram has done many experiments in the designs. These are some favorite apps that never fail to introduce something exclusive in their designs. Just imagine if these applications are never attempted redesigning? They would never get popular as they are today.