Why You Should Enable HTTPS On Your Website?

You might have thought multiple times why there is “s” in http and why most of the website shows their website as https. What’s that extra “s” for? This “S” stands for “SSL,” which means Secure Sockets Layer. It is the technology that converts data into code especially to prevent unauthorized access and prevent hackers to intercept your data. An encrypted link is established between a web browser and a web server. This link makes certain that all the data shared between the server and browser should remain private. SSL is now part of Google’s search ranking algorithm.


Let’s understand more reasons why the use of HTTPS is important.


  • It Boosts Research: There are many websites that battles for top search engine rankings. Many times two websites could rank for the user query and https act as a tie breaker between the two. If both two websites give equal results for all quality signals, the one that has HTTPS would get an extra boost. The reason is that Google trust those websites with https before their domain name and wish to provide the users with secure websites as search results.


  • It Is More Secure: With the use of https, hacking incidents has reduced a lot. The use of HTTPS is important especially for those websites that accept credit cards or have login functionality. When people shop from your website and share their account details, they expect this information to be kept confidential and protected from getting stolen. User privacy is of great importance and https is the best way to maintain privacy of your website.


  • SSL Is Necessary For AMP: AMP stands for Accelerated Mobile Pages. It is the technology that makes website pages load instantaneously on mobile devices. It has been expected that AMP is soon going to make major contribution to SEO, which means that pages with AMP ready will have better rankings. Marketers should pay special attention to AMP as it is the part of optimization. But to make your webmasters to be web-friendly, you need fulfill all requirements behind AMP by examining closely – including https criteria.


  • Google Is Indexing Mobile: It is expected that Google is going to start indexing mobile, which means algorithms will also consider mobile versions of the website content to rank different website pages. But to index your site needs to be secured through https.


  • Not Secure”: It is expected that Chrome 56 will start displaying those websites not secure that are non https. It especially includes those websites that ask users for login or credit card information.


If you really wish to keep a strong hold on your website SEO, both on mobile and desktop, it is necessary that you should enable your website for https. It will keep your confidential data safe and protected. Secure websites always gain trust of the visitors. They don’t hesitate to feed their bank account and credit card details. It’s time to secure your website by enabling https today!


How SSL works? Watch it



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