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How To Handle Negative Feedback In A Positive Way?
Posted on 19th Aug 2017

There are several ways through which you can handle these negative feedbacks by your boss or someone else. You need to handle it patiently with the calm mind. Never get excited or be outspoken. Just think over the words before you say anything.

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How to effectively make use of WordPress permalinks
Posted on 1st Aug 2017

Permalinks or permanent links are the URLs to the individual posts, pages, and category as well as other lists of weblog postings on your website.

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How To Write SEO-Friendly Blog That Ranks On Page 1?
Posted on 28th Jul 2017

Every business wishes to reach Page 1 in search engine results so that they can have increased website traffic, which drops off by a very high percentage if your website ranks on Page 2.

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Posted on 12th Jul 2017

One of the common SEO issues that can mess up the ranking of your website, keep the website pages out of search engine indexes and take away the ranking authority from your complete website or a few pages is Poor URL Structure. 

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PHP Frameworks or CMS - which is best for website development
Posted on 5th Jul 2017

When it comes to developing a business website, everyone wants to make the best decision. They wish to create a website that not only looks trendy but also is functionally correct.

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How could an e-Wallet help in customer retention?
Posted on 29th Jun 2017

The world has changed a lot as consumers have become more educated and less patient than ever. They expect everything to be done quickly and easily.

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how to make a simple chatbot for beginners
Posted on 23rd Jun 2017

“Chatbots” this interesting word has a very interesting use. People are not aware of what chatbots actually are and how do they work.

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7 Hacks To Increase Conversion Rate On Your Ecommerce Website
Posted on 6th Jun 2017

Having a great product? That’s good! But it doesn’t always mean that you will attain high ecommerce conversion rates. When it comes to sales, it is completely a game of numbers. 

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7 Best Frameworks for Developing an Android App
Posted on 31st May 2017

Android is one of the greatest mobile platforms universally used for mobile application development. This development platform has the capability to run on different mobile phones, giving support to thousands of games and apps.

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