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Impact of social media on SEO article blog image
Posted on 1st May 2017

This is a very common action that every blogger and marketer perform to promote their blog or business product or service through social platforms. But they generally want to know whether these social signals also affect SEO through sharing links or blog posts.

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security tips for PHP Applications
Posted on 27th Apr 2017

There is a common myth that PHP is not s suitable language from security point-of-view, but a very few people know that it offers robust security.

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Facebook Timeline Tips and Tricks
Posted on 25th Apr 2017

People love using Facebook as it illustrates a larger-than-life attitude and proves valuable in all walks of life, be it for a student, a professional, a housewife or a retired personnel.

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tools to measure roi of social media campaigns
Posted on 21st Apr 2017

Social channels like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, etc have worked as moneymaking tools for several businesses.  Measuring contribution of these social channels on revenue and profits are the nerve of marketing ROI measurement.

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install Google analytics on website image
Posted on 18th Apr 2017

Data can be useful in a number of ways as you can create right strategies looking at the results of current strategies, you can share relevant data with designers and developers, and help them improve for better results.

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benefits of using google tag manager
Posted on 14th Apr 2017

If you are new to Google Analytics and AdWords, you may find a couple of things a bit tricky and difficult to understand.

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Useful Code Snippets for WordPress
Posted on 12th Apr 2017

Small things can make a big difference. This statement is absolutely correct when we talk about WordPress.

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Simple Ways To Make Your Content Reader Friendly
Posted on 5th Apr 2017

“Words” are the most powerful thing in the world that you need to use very carefully. These are so powerful especially when it comes to marketing as your words can either create or destroy your brand identity.

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Find Anomalies In Your Paid Search And Shopping Campaigns
Posted on 31st Mar 2017

The biggest challenge for several online business stores is to bring their products into the limelight and compel consumers to buy your products through the best marketing strategy.

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